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The Jungle Tales of Tarzan consist of twelve short stories loosely connected to each other, although each one can stand on its own. They fill in some details of Tarzan's youth and adolescence in the jungle, while still living with the tribe of great apes that reared him.

This is the fourth story in the book. It tells of Tarzan's discovery of the word "God" in his father's books, left in the tiny hand-built cabin that Lord Greystoke, Tarzan's father, made when he and his wife were abandoned on the coast of Africa.

Tarzan has learned how to decipher the strange "bugs" he finds on the printed pages of the books, and goes in quest of "God - Creator of the Universe".

Ed assuredly had little use or respect for organized religion, (check out The Gods of Mars for his devastating take on false religion). Nevertheless, he was a deeply spiritual man, as you will discover - as Tarzan discovers God. Really!

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